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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fresh look color blends

Fresh look color blends
Fresh Look Colorblends Contact Lens with Free Bescon Lens Solution

Price: Rs.1500/ pair
Brand: Fresh Look
Power: 0:00
Lens Type: Monthly
Manufacturer: CIBA Vision.
Fresh Look Color blends O Contact Lenses type of contact lens from manufacturers Ciba Vision that incorporate Features perfect for anyone who wishes to alter their eye tint and colour in perfect comfort. Consisting of a '3 in 1' approach to contact lens fittings,
 Fresh Look Color blends are able to bring out a new tone and depth to the eye. The subtle colour of the monthly lenses take in a wide variety of hues from emerald green, violet and grey, to striking blues, hazel and soft grey. Fresh Look Color blends are monthly colored contact lenses which mean they can be worn for a maximum of 30 days, whilst being cleaned and stored each night before being replaced at the end of this time. They are suitable for both cosmetic use (without a prescription) or for those who need visual correction but want to experience the benefits of colored lenses. Fresh Look Color blends contact lenses create a wholly naturalistic take on the job of coloring lenses. The subtle tints combine with your natural eye color to create a comfortable combination of subtlety and precision. Each look is uniquely presented depending on the individual's coloring and tone of the eyes. For everyone looking to change their eye color in the most natural of ways, Fresh Look Color blends can provide a healthy and great looking solution. Buy your Fresh look Color blends contact lenses
Gender: Unisex

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